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Transform your waiting room into a welcome room by empowering patients with tools to digitally complete their pre-arrival documents from the comfort of their home. Xenio Health empowers you with intelligent, pre-arrival document completion that leverages AI-based insurance card scanning to drive revenue, supercharge staff productivity, and enhance the patent experience. Patient entered data seamlessly flows into your EMR in real-time.

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Xenio Health bridges the gap of shrinking provider margins in an era of increased demands for improved outcomes and an enhanced patient experience. Xenio drives provider revenue and enhancement of the patient experience thru workflow optimization. 

Specifically, patients receive secure, automated web links that permit them to digitally complete their pre-arrival demographic and clinical documents that seamlessly flow into your EMR in real-time. Existing patients are presented with health history already populated within the EMR, thereby, only requiring that they verify their data. 

We further leverage AI-based insurance card scanning to slash front-end claim rejections. Our walk-in solution empowers unscheduled patients to complete their documents at the time-of-service. Your staff has full transparency into the status of each patient in advance of their visit, including eligibility, document completion progress, and outstanding balance.  

The results are quite staggering:

  1. >50% reduction in registration/wait times;
  2. Reduction in front-end claim rejections to <3%;
  3. Increase in time-of-service collections by > 35%;
  4. Increased staff productivity;
  5. And the ability to safely care for 1+ additional patient per hour. 

Xenio Health delivers with hard ROI.

Features include:

  • Intelligent, pre-arrival document completion (patients receive automated web links to all of their pre-arrival documents the moment an appointment is scheduled); existing patients need only verify their existing clinical and demographic data. Patients are able to digitally complete all of their documents accurately in advance of or at the time of visit.
  • Deep bi-directional integration with PrimeSuite and Intergy.  All patient entered data seamlessly flows into the EMR in real-time eliminating the need for duplicate data entry.
  • AI-based insurance card scanning (front-end claim rejections are the primary source of rejected provider claims). Xenio's insurance card scanning tool eliminates the need for the manual entry of insurance card data, thereby, dramatically reducing front-end claim rejections
  • Hardware agnostic – Xenio’s platform is web-based and functions on all types of hardware, including PCs, tablets, and phones. No proprietary hardware is ever required.