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ClaimRemedi is a nationwide all-payer clearinghouse solution designed to accelerate the Claim Life-cycle with batch and real time eligibility, enhanced claim editing and powerful analytics to keep your finger on the pulse of your revenue.

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Key Benefits

ClaimRemedi has advanced features for a complete claims solution that does the heavy lifting. With direct access to thousands of payers and seamless integration, you get more with ClaimRemedi. Cutting-edge scrubbing technology alerts you to fix claim errors in real-time. Claim tracking shows you claims status throughout the claim cycle. Eligibility features deliver more patient data, reducing denials. ClaimRemedi's automated reporting features provide profound revenue cycle insight so you can make workflow changes that create more revenue.

  • Accelerate claims management and reimbursement
  • Connect seamlessly with payers
  • Submit more accurate claims, faster
  • Improve staff efficiency and workflow
"I believe we can attribute the efficiencies we have been afforded by ClaimRemedi to an increase of revenue by 300 percent."
Quiara S., ClaimRemedi customer

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