When you partner with Greenway, you have the opportunity to connect to more than 1,000 healthcare entities.

A centralized, cloud-based health information management network

One of the most open and connected platforms in the industry, Greenway Exchange frees you from needless and pricey point-to-point connections. It connects clinical systems and unlocks data so you're able to provide the highest quality of health information management and patient care. 

Innovative exchange

Greenway Exchange facilitates the movement of data between EHRs and practice management systems and other applications.

Centralized performance

Our interoperability engine, Greenway Exchange, enables efficient connections through a single-network infrastructure. 


Greenway Exchange has the ability to use one connection to an external entity to benefit multiple customers. 

Interoperability is critical for practices to provide high-quality care and maintain independence.

One connection

Exchange operates using a hub-and-spoke interoperability model. Customers send data to Greenway Exchange, which passes it to the vendor or endpoint in a single connection.  

  • 1,369 vendors connected
  • 21.8 million messages per month
  • 8,242 site-to-vendor connections
  • 14,669 interfaces

Opportunities abound

We offer several interoperability products and services, in addition to Greenway Exchange. 

  • Greenway is one of seven founding members of the CommonWell Health Alliance, a nonprofit trade association that allows users to exchange clinical information with other participants, free of charge. 
  • Greenway offers a next-generation, open-platform technology with application programming interface (API).
  • Medical devices integration makes it easy to connect with top device vendors, simplifying daily operation, and making caregiving easier.

The path to informed care and independence

Remain independent

For many healthcare practices, interoperability — or clinical connectivity — is a key strategy to maintaining independence. Practices can exchange information with other healthcare entities to improve care without sacrificing autonomy.

Exchange multiple forms of information

As a Greenway Exchange user, you can transmit:  

  • Demographics
  • Financial information
  • Immunization records
  • Scheduling information
  • Clinical documents
  • Orders
  • Results 
Connect with numerous healthcare entities

Using Health Level Seven (HL7) interfaces, you can establish connections with: 

  • Other practices 
  • Hospitals 
  • Health information exchanges (HIEs)
  • Labs
  • Immunization registries 

Greenway has been an incredible partner, enabling us to get information to and from the hospital's system. When our doctors are delivering babies or providing other services there, they can access the most up-to-date information available.”

Mona S. Engle, RN, CEO/practice administrator
Doctors May-Grant Associates

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