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Putting insights and data into action

Practice analytics empower healthcare organizations like yours to improve performance on patient, provider, and practice levels. Effective analytics tools provide greater flexibility to analyze raw data so you can be more efficient and focus on practice profitability. 

Our data practice analytics tools enable you to turn practice data into useful information — including reporting requirements for value-based incentive programs, insight into population health, and information to optimize billing and cash flow.

Practice analytics: Focused on your needs

Performance benchmarking
  • Compare quality measure performance.
  • Alerts if key performance indicators drop.
  • Easier manipulation of raw data for specific needs.

You’ll have at-a-glance performance information at your fingertips … on patient, provider, and practice levels to help identify gaps in care and improve workflows, data accuracy, and provider performance. We offer greater flexibility to select clinical quality measures and to electronically report to CMS.

Financial performance, workflow visibility
  • Complete financial reporting.
  • Customizable reports and easy-to-read dashboards.
  • Automated alerts if key performance indicators drop.

By analyzing A/R, patient charges, and other key performance indicators, our data analytics tools provide actionable information to help you make workflow changes and adjust billing procedures to avoid losing money because of payer denials. You’ll gain insight into how to improve workflows, practice efficiency, and profitability. You’ll get at-a-glance financial performance information with our reports and dashboards that let you view data when and how you want it. 

Value-based program participation
  • User-friendly value-based programs dashboard.
  • Compare providers and get insight on patient populations.

It’s all about smarter workflow. Our dashboard shows where your practice stands in meeting measures for programs such as PCMH, MIPS, Medicaid Meaningful Use, and CPC+. Our PCMH reporting calculates, measures, and exports data so you can easily send measure performance to payers. When you have better insight into population health, your practice can focus on quality care while increasing revenue.

When you’re ready to help improve your practice’s clinical and financial picture, we’ll be here.