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Succeed in value-based care through care coordination services

Greenway Care Coordination Services helps you encourage patients to manage chronic conditions, an important step toward excellence in value-based care.

Coordinate and manage care

Clinical staff counsel patients digitally on exercise, nutrition, medication compliance, and other practices to manage chronic conditions.  

Results from thorough documentation

When your care coordination encounters are documented thoroughly, you can collect the CCM fee for each patient. 

Integrate efficiently with your EHR

Through your EHR, you can see who is eligible for the CCM fee, enroll as many patients as possible, and ensure timely and accurate billing. 

Care coordination services for ACOs and PCMH practices

For Accountable Care Organization (ACO) and Patient Centered Medical Homes (PCMH) practices, it’s simpler to reach your goals with our easy-to-use documentation and communication tools that facilitate care coordination.

Greenway’s technology empowers practices to function smoothly, swiftly, and free of administrative burden. 

Manage population health

Shifting to value-based care means managing population health. Our population health management solution, Greenway Community, propels providers toward improved population outcomes while controlling costs. The service enables:   

  • Analytics 
  • Risk stratification 
  • Care management
  • Data exchange 

The CCM Fee simplified

Chronic Care Management Fee requirements can be overwhelming. Greenway has the insight and experience to simplify the process and guide your practice toward income generation, starting now. 

  • Identify and enroll patients who fit the CMS criteria. 
  • Know and follow program requirements.
  • Provide out-of-office care to encourage healthy behaviors and improved patient outcomes. 

Partner with Greenway and we'll help you reach your care coordination services goals

Technology, data, and human interaction are brought together to produce revenue for your practice when you make care coordination services a priority. 

Through care coordination services, your practice can improve results.