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Relieve administrative burden, optimize reimbursement, and mitigate compliance risks with Greenway Medical Coding and Auditing.

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With our customizable revenue cycle offering you can choose the services your practice needs the most. Customize your plan

Medical revenue cycle management (RCM) services that excel

Improving the financial health of your practice is at the heart of what we do. A partnership with Greenway Revenue Services helps you simplify billing, alleviate administrative burdens, and identify new revenue opportunities. We treat the revenue cycle the same way you treat patients: proactively, completely, and with the utmost care.

"I recommend Greenway Revenue Services for the team, first and foremost. They have a great group of people that become part of your day-to-day operations. I know that they're doing what it takes to streamline my billing. They have a stake in our doing well."

Christy Cain
Practice Administrator, Children's Mercy-Pediatric Associates

Greenway medical billing services that improve revenue capture across the entire practice

Employees at your practice gain the tools and training to understand how their tasks impact practice health and the bottom line.

Front office

As the voice and face of your practice, front office staff are often the unsung heroes of your bottom line. We help your practice optimize workflows to ensure the first patient touchpoint drives a successful revenue cycle.


Providers impact revenue through proper documentation and medical coding. With Greenway Revenue Services, providers can focus on delivering high-quality care without having to worry about being reimbursed for the services they provide.

Back office

As the heart of your billing operations, your billing staff will partner with our dedicated financial care advisors. Our support makes a positive impact on the most critical areas of the revenue cycle while relieving billing staff burnout.


The average revenue improvement seen by our practices after switching to Greenway Revenue Services.


The average decreased days in A/R for Greenway Revenue Services users.

Your customizable RCM solution

We can get your practice up and running with customizable revenue cycle service offerings quickly, so you can start collecting revenue faster.

  • Charge posting
  • Submission management
  • Insurance follow-up
  • Payment posting
  • Patient A/R
  • Patient Call Center
  • Revenue advisory
  • … and more

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Medical revenue service

Turn reactive revenue cycle management into proactive medical revenue success

Medical coding inaccuracies and billing errors can cost your practice. With Greenway Revenue Services, you can uncover key opportunities to maximize revenue and optimize your practice’s financial health.

  • Full suite of RCM solutions, including medical coding and auditing services
  • Expedited implementation options to ramp up your revenue cycle success
  • Dedicated, certified financial care team aligned by specialty to support your current staff
  • Workflow best practices, financial reporting, and review of billing table setup

Through transparency and accountability, Greenway prioritizes your practice needs.

Medical Billing Services

“[Greenway Revenue Services] allows us to give bonuses, invest in our infrastructure, look at new locations for expansion…”

Xavier Anderson, General Manager
Valley Day & Night Clinic

Your path to improved profitability starts with a team of revenue cycle management experts!