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Medical revenue cycle management (RCM) services that excel

A partnership with Greenway Health and our revenue cycle management (RCM) service gives your practice full insight into its financial standing, and proactive service from an expertly trained staff. This collaboration helps prevent denials and improves A/R ... which allows you to focus on caring for your patients.

Valued partnership

With extensive experience in revenue cycle management, our dedicated teams collaborate with your practice to optimize billing processes and healthcare technology to achieve your goals.

Financial focus

We focus on improving key performance indicators with data analysis, denial management, and outstanding A/R follow-up. Practices improve revenue by an average of 6% as a result. 

Greater control

Our revenue services team integrates with your practice, as an extension of your team through ongoing communication and shared technology access. Your finances are always transparent. 

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Frost & Sullivan honors Greenway

Greenway named winner of the North American Ambulatory RCM Customer Value Leadership Award. CLICK HERE!

Greenway medical revenue services improve all areas of your practice

Front office

Staff collect payment before patients reach the exam room. We provide alerts to prompt payment, co-pay systems, and revenue cycle management training. 


Providers impact revenue by documenting and coding. We have data-capture templates, a documentation application, and coding tools. 

Back office

This is the center for your billing operations. Greenway provides charge posting, daily billing, error management, and delinquent-claims review to boost results.


The average revenue improvement seen by our practices after switching to Greenway Revenue Services.


The average decreased days in A/R for Greenway Revenue Services users.

Set your revenue cycle management goals ... then reach them!

We offer options based on your needs to help your practice succeed.  

  • Full claims management or services to complement your billing team.
  • Denial management and consultation.
  • Patient collections and optimization.
  • And much more!

Total payments collected in 2019 for Greenway Revenue Services customers.

Turn reactive revenue cycle management into proactive medical revenue services

Greenway Revenue Services provides the knowledge and training to help you boost collection rates and optimize practice profitability.

  • Outstanding A/R follow-up and payer outreach.
  • Trend analysis with root cause identification.
  • Best practices training and Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) enrollment review.

“[Greenway Revenue Services] allows us to give bonuses, invest in our infrastructure, look at new locations for expansion…”

Xavier Anderson, General Manager
Valley Day & Night Clinic

What is revenue cycle management?

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is the process by which a healthcare organization keeps track of its revenue cycle from payers, from the initial visit through payment of the last bill.

These are ways a medical revenue service can ensure profitability for your practice:

  • Managing denials
  • Providing claims management and coding advisement
  • Improving charge entry and payment posting
  • Increasing collections
  • Offering training and consultation

Greenway research shows only 62% of practices review delinquent claims, only 59% of secondary claims are filed, and only 32% of patients who owe money receive a collection letter.

An effective revenue cycle management strategy takes each of the necessary steps to collect, ensuring profitability for your practice and, ultimately, increasing your focus on patient care.

Your path to improved profitability starts here!