Nearly every claim accepted by Greenway Clearinghouse Services is accepted.


Fewer rejections experienced by Greenway Revenue Services customers using this solution.

Streamlined clearinghouse connections, improved claims validation, greater control

Integrate financial, clinical, and administrative EDI services into your practice management system and get support to better manage the claim cycle.

Insight into practice health

Monitor financial performance from the Greenway Clearinghouse Services Portal, and rework claims within the practice management system.

Manage financial transactions

Our solution offers insight into claim status, and the ability to view and print EOBs, and to generate appeal and timely filing letters.

Improve clean claims

The validation engine catches errors before claims are sent, resulting in fewer rejections and faster reimbursements. View detailed rejection reasons and resolve the issues.

Greater collaboration through the portal

Delve deeper into claim acceptance and rejection and access detailed claim activity information using the Greenway Clearinghouse Services Portal. The portal provides one centralized location for customers and Greenway Revenue Services team members to work together.

  • Access end-to-end claim activity.
  • View practice performance dashboards.
  • Analyze top rejection reasons.

Are you confident that you're bringing in every dollar you're owed?

Watch our short video and learn how to take the financial pulse of your practice to find out where your practice could be losing money.

"I love how I can print EOBs straight from the Greenway screen. The EOBs are right there!”

Terry Dunlap
accounts manager, Omega OB-GYN

We're invested in your success

Experience the benefits of real-time visibility throughout the entire life cycle of each claim.

Holistic approach

The Greenway Clearinghouse Services Portal allows you to view the status of your claims and rejection reasons. We make it easy to identify corrections before you resubmit the claim.

Service integration

The Greenway Clearinghouse Services Portal integrates with our other solutions to create a more efficient workflow, which allows you to rework claims, view claim status, view and print EOBs.

Single-vendor service

Our medical billing clearinghouse gives you access to support team focused on resolving your connectivity and revenue cycle questions, and providing product support, in a single call or email. 

Supporting thousands of payers nationwide

Send EDI transactions, including claims, ERAs, and eligibility, to payers in your area and for the service lines you provide.

Search our list of connected payers, which is always accessible in the Greenway Clearinghouse Services Portal.

View Payer List

Features tailored to bring you success

Electronic claim submissions

Submit all claims with a single electronic transmission.

Claim management

Track individual claims or groups of claims, review and research claims, or run queries on all claims to address causes of denials.

Client payer management

Find Greenway Clearinghouse Services Payer IDs and enrollment requirements for supported payers.

Data visibility groups

Create access groups based on practice, tax ID, or NPI, and assign users, providing them access only to the transaction and data relevant to their jobs.

Task queues

Rework claims with exceptions, such as rejections or missing dates, using this workflow tool. 

User management

Add, remove, or manage user permissions for each staff member.

Claim scrubbing

Validate information before claim is forwarded to payer submission.

Eligibility verification

Reduce the risk of denials by verifying patients’ eligibility ahead of or during visits.

Electronic remittance advice

Post payments to patient accounts electronically.

Electronic print and mail services

Send patient statements, notices, letters, and postcards electronically to the clearinghouse to be printed and mailed. The address correction service verifies addresses through the United States Postal Service.

A partnership for success starts with Greenway Clearinghouse Services.