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Founded in 2012, ActX is the first company to make the everyday use of genomic information feasible for practicing physicians.

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Works with:

Prime Suite


Clinical Decision Support
Precision Medicine

Key Benefits

  • API Certified
  • Improve patient care with built-in genomic decision support
  • Automatically check each prescription for possible adverse reactions, efficacy & dosing issues
  • See alerts for actionable genetic risks such as cancer & cardiovascular risks
  • View a frequently updated genomic profile for each patient
  • Includes inexpensive patient DNA testing

ActX is a complete evidence based Genomic Decision Support Service integrated into Greenway PrimeSUITE. Every prescription is automatically checked against the patient’s genetics for adverse reactions, dosing, and efficacy. Alerts appear for actionable genetic medical risks such as cancer risks or cardiovascular risks. All of the information is accessible directly within PrimeSUITE.

The ActX Service includes affordable, saliva-based genetic testing that is the foundation for drug-genome interaction alerts and a risk profile display for the patient’s genetic risks. You can authorize your patients for the ActX Service directly within PrimeSUITE.

ActX enables a new era of precision medicine by allowing you to provide better informed patient care based on genetics. ActX is focused on actionable genetic risks, risks that you and the patient can do something about. The ActX knowledge base is frequently updated to reflect the latest medical research and the physician will be alerted for important changes in a patient’s risks.

After writing a prescription, ActX will alert you about potential medication adverse reactions, efficacy, and dosing based on the patient’s genomics. The information is presented in an easy to absorb format that includes references.

You can view your patient’s genomic profile within PrimeSUITE. The profile includes a display of actionable serious medical risks with suggestions for evidence based management, including references. The profile is frequently updated to reflect the latest medical knowledge and a re-analysis of the patient’s data. ActX will create an alert for you if a new serious clinical risk is identified for the patient.

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