charge capture powered by MDTech

Charge Capture

Mobile Charge Capture solution

Charge Capture powered by MDTech is a mobile charge capture solution created to optimize your billing cycle and increase overall practice productivity.

Works with:

Prime Suite


Billing Optimization
Workflow Efficiency

Stop losing money with Charge Capture powered by MDTech. Our mobile application empowers providers to capture charges instantly at point of care, allowing CPT/ICD codes to be sent immediately for reimbursement. Codes are accessible in a single swipe and can be organized in favorites lists for provider workflow ease. Seamlessly and securely share patient data while rounding and leverage the HIPAA-compliant messaging feature for internal team communications. Charge Capture powered by MDTech's integrated desktop portal houses all your billing data in one dashboard and allows for reporting visuals to further optimize and improve your revenue cycle management and practice productivity. 

  • Add charges with a single swipe with our integrated database of CPT and ICD codes on our mobile app. 
  • Share secure patient data and notes to easily maintain a record of care across different shifts. 
  • Seamlessly integrate with Prime Suite or Intergy
  • Capture all billing data in one integrated dashboard to visualize billing reports and revenue trends. 

  Charge Capture powered by MDTech is able to integrate across all EMRs; Mobile Application supported by Apple App Store & Google Play 

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