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CheckinAsyst Zero-touch Patient Intake with COVID-19 Pre-screening and telehealth modules entail:

  • Patient communication for 100% collection of personal contact details
  • Pre-visit instructions before scheduled appointments
  • Pre-visit COVID-19 screening as per CDC guidelines and alerts triggered on your dashboard to prompt appropriate action
  • A telehealth module to manage related appointment types
  • Pre-registration links for patients to limit the time spent in waiting rooms
  • Bring Your Own Device’ functionality to help patients limit germ exposure from using paper or the  check-in hardware at the facility
  • Zero-touch payment options with ability to refund/void in case of cancellations

For more information, visit the CheckinAsyst COVID-19 resource page:


HealthAsyst has been providing innovative solutions to the healthcare industry since 1999. It has a strong track record of successful products and services engagements across the healthcare industry spectrum. HealthAsyst’s patient intake solution, CheckinAsyst, is designed to enhance the quality of patient experience and care, increase clinical efficiency and improve collections of your practice.