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CheckinAsyst is an end-to-end digital patient intake and communication solution from HealthAsyst. Our platform offers a suite of digital solutions and tailored workflows for different patient and appointment types. By setting up a digital front door that caters to your unique intake workflow, we empower practices to enhance patient experience, optimize staff productivity, and accelerate revenue collection.

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Works with:

Prime Suite


Billing Optimization
Check-in Solutions
Workflow Efficiency
  • Appointment-specific & specialty-based intake workflows 
  • Certified bi-directional integration with Intergy and Prime Suite
  • Superior clinical integration allows sending patient data from intake forms to the respective fields in the EHR
  • Extensive forms library of clinical assessments for multiple specialties (ASQ-3, HOOS, KOOS, SDOH & more) with auto-scoring capabilities into Greenway
  • Suite of PCI-compliant digital payment solutions, including automated insurance eligibility verification, website collection, and payment plans
  • HIPAA-compliant patient communication solutions, including appointment & payment reminders, prep & post-visit instructions, secure chat, and broadcast messaging

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Minimizes data entry and EHR documentation

CheckinAsyst leverages its robust integration with Greenway to reduce EHR data entry. It sends data from the intake forms as discrete data to the appropriate fields in the EHR and as documents. The result? Your clinical staff can eliminate hours of manual documentation. Our current customers save as much as 15 minutes per patient. 

  • CheckinAsyst sends patient clinical data to the EHR as discrete data and as PDF or image documents
  • Clinical data mapped to MEDCIN codes based on clinicians’ preferences
  • Clinical screeners are automatically scored, and the results are updated in the EHR for easy access

Maximizes revenue collection 

Our payment solutions expedite your patient collections and reduce bad debts. Our customers experienced a 65% increase in patient payments by leveraging:

  • Real-time and batch eligibility and benefit verification, including verification for preventive care services 
  • Convenient digital payment options, including website payment, POS collection
  • Ability to make payment with and without appointments
  • Flexible payment plans for patient convenience and increased reimbursements 
  • Auto-posting of financial transactions to the EHR/PM system

Makes patient engagement personal and scalable 

The CheckinAsyst communication hub helps you scale patient communication without losing the personal touch. 

  • Establish appointment and payment reminders based on your preferred cadence 
  • Send prep & post-visit instructions based on different appointment types
  • One-on-one secure chat and broadcast messaging for targeted, timely patient communication 
  • Standard and custom patient surveys, including CAHPS survey, to measure satisfaction and meet quality measure requirements 

Builds front-office efficiency for a better patient experience

With automated workflows and digital tools, CheckinAsyst improves front-office productivity and patient experience. 

  • A powerful front office dashboard that acts as a control center for patient check-in, payments, and communication
  • A 100% paperless environment with on-demand forms in addition to standard forms
  • 50% lesser patient wait times with flexible check-in modes

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