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CheckinAsyst, is an end-to-end digital intake platform from HealthAsyst, which enhances your patient experience and improves your practice efficiency allowing you to dedicate your undivided attention on patient care.

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CheckinAsyst Zero-touch Patient Intake with COVID-19 Pre-screening and telehealth modules entail:

  • Patient communication for 100% collection of personal contact details
  • Pre-visit instructions before scheduled appointments
  • Pre-visit COVID-19 screening as per CDC guidelines and alerts triggered on your dashboard to prompt appropriate action
  • A telehealth module to manage related appointment types
  • Pre-registration links for patients to limit the time spent in waiting rooms
  • Bring Your Own Device’ functionality to help patients limit germ exposure from using paper or the  check-in hardware at the facility
  • Zero-touch payment options with ability to refund/void in case of cancellations

For more information, visit the CheckinAsyst COVID-19 resource page:


Key Benefits

  • Certified bidirectional integration with PrimeSUITE & Intergy
  • Patient pre-registration via mobile or computer
  • Versatile hardware options - kiosk, table-top and hand-held device
  • Clinical data is updated in patient chart in discrete form
  • Real-time and batch insurance verification
  • Rule-based and on-demand clinical assessments
  • POS payment collections and payment plans
  • Patient surveys
  • No sponsored content
  • HIPAA and PCI Compliant

CheckinAsyst digitizes your end-to-end patient intake workflow and reduces patient check-in time by 50%. Patients can choose to pre-register before arriving at the facility or complete and sign digital forms at the front office. By ensuring minimal data entry and accuracy of data captured, CheckinAsyst is guaranteed to deliver high patient satisfaction.

The automated and self-service processes for patient data collection, E&B verification and payment collection not only increases the productivity of your front desk staff but also fast-tracks your patient due collections. The staff can monitor and control the entire workflow using the powerful and intuitive CheckinAsyst dashboard, without diluting the attention due to your patients.

Front office staff or providers can now launch specific clinical assessments on a need basis without disrupting the digital workflow. Patient’s clinical data is presented to the clinicians for an easy reconciliation process and then updated into the patient chart as discrete data. This saves the clinician time and allows them to focus on what’s important- your patients!  

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