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DocASAP connects patients with optimal care providers by intelligently matching patient needs and simplifying timely access through online scheduling.

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Works with:

Prime Suite


Patient Acquisition and Engagement

Key Benefits


  • Online search capability increases the market reach for provider access through websites that patients trust
  • 24/7 online scheduling platform adds convenience for the patient, providing immediate satisfaction
  • Accurate patient navigation is allowed through a more nuanced patient-provider matching based on provider scheduling protocols that are specific to operational and clinical workflows
  • When seeking immediate care, patients have real-time access to all available appointments with similar physicians, reducing patient frustration


  • Interactive appointment confirmations with pertinent information are automatically sent after booking
  • Care-driven reminders empower the patient with actionable information needed for the appointment
  • Post-appointment communications nurture a transactional appointment into a loyal relationship with the patient


  • Aggregated patient population behavior can be harnessed to modify and change internal operational processes
  • Real-time availability charts actively provide insight on how to effectively match provider supply with patient demand
  • Opportunity funnels drill down into the scheduling processes that need improvement by isolating correlations during the booking process
“DocASAP is a really innovative platform in healthcare. It is a simple tool that significantly improves patient access to our practice.”
Dr. Ronald Barg – Executive Director Clinical Care Associates, Penn Medicine
“As we continue to grow and diversify our patient offerings, our need for a partner that could help us match patients with a provider that meets their clinical needs and availability grew significantly. DocASAP’s capabilities help us connect with new patients and strengthen relationships with current patients.”
George A. “Jack” Cioffi, MD, President, ColumbiaDoctors