Voice recognition solution by Clinically Speaking

Clinically Speaking is a veteran-owned, customer focused company whose team of voice recognition and clinical documentation specialists have been helping healthcare professionals since 2002.


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Voice Recognition

CSpeak provides secure, cloud-based clinical speech recognition to all of your Windows-based devices, including virtualized and remote-access PCs.

Leveraging the power of Nuance’s award-winning clinical speech recognition database, CSpeak is highly scalable, ready to use, and incredibly accurate from the very first time you speak - no voice training required. Unlike voice recognition solutions of the past, healthcare organizations can quickly and easily deploy CSpeak across the enterprise without an enterprise level expense. This no contract subscription not only means you can easily add new users at any time, but also that you won’t continue to be billed when users leave the practice.


  • Dictate directly in Intergy at the point of the cursor resulting in an easy and seamless documentation experience.
  • CSpeak works with the Powermic Mobile smartphone app to turn your iPhone or Android into a wireless microphone.
  • Quickly and easily add vocabulary words and custom templates to make documenting your notes faster and more accurate.
  • Elevate your workflow with the ability to program step-by-step commands for frequently repeated clicks and keystrokes.
"Thanks to Clinically Speaking, our physicians can spend more quality time interacting with the patient and making better-quality diagnoses. We improved their lives, we improved their ability to provide better care, and we allow them to go home at the end of the day with their work complete. There’s no need to work on notes after-hours or the next day."
Mark Filliaut, CIO of Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists