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Clearwave is the comprehensive patient engagement platform that improves profitability, productivity and patient access for healthcare providers.

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Appointment scheduling
Patient Acquisition and Engagement
Check-in Solutions
Workflow Efficiency

Clearwave allows you to focus on what truly matters – patient care. Clearwave helps automate the patient journey by digitizing paperwork, instantly validating insurance and collecting co-pays & outstanding balances. 

Clearwave improves patient satisfaction by making sure patients are always in control with features like: a digital front door that’s always open for scheduling convenience, automated eligibility verification, contactless check-in and frictionless financial transparency. 


  • Online, smart patient scheduling
  • Patient self-serve kiosk/mobile registration
  • Real-time insurance eligibility
  • Point-of-service collections


With Clearwave, our clients see benefits such as

  • A reduction in claim rejections of up to 90%
  • Increased point-of-service collections of up to 65%
  • Front desk workload reduction of 2x
  • Waiting room time reduction of 5x
  • 80%+ patient utilization
  • New patient appointments increased by up to 51%
  • Increased last minute (same day) appointments - up to 52%
“Since implementing Clearwave, we’ve seen an incredible return on our investment. Patients have effortlessly adapted to using kiosks. Our rejected claims have dropped by approximately 20%. Our point-of-service collections at the kiosk have increased by roughly 78%.”
Jason Biddy, CEO, Urology Centers of Alabama


  • Case Study: Urology Centers of Alabama — Download
  • Overview video: Clearwave Connect for Mobile — Watch
  • Overview video: Clearwave Scheduling — Watch

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