Total Patient Engagement Solution

Solution by Luma Health

Luma Health is a cloud based application which integrates with Greenway Intergy to extract relevant demographic and scheduling data to drive patient messaging based on scheduling and clinical triggers.


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Patient Acquisition and Engagement
Workflow Efficiency
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Luma Health’s automated communication platform helps clinics orchestrate the entire care journey for patients.

With Luma Health, healthcare systems and clinics are able to connect patients to care quickly, keep a full schedule, ensure patients stick to their care plan, engage and guide patients once they leave, and get them to return for future follow-up care – all through a real-time, automated, bot-enabled, and SMS first communication platform.

Patients get quicker access to care and manage their own health, doctors and clinics deliver faster, more efficient patient care resulting in revenue growth, all while helping the US healthcare system deliver high quality health outcomes and an all-star patient experience.

Key benefits

  • Referral management
  • Feedback and reputation management,
  • Mobile patient intake and insurance upload
  • Intelligent scheduling
“Our high volume practice demands that we routinely modify our schedules to meet the needs of our patients. Luma allows us to quickly fill appointment slots, communicate efficiently with patients, and has helped us increase our online reputation.”
Kevin Goutos, Albany Gastroenterology