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Automated Patient Engagement Messaging & Appointment Reminders - Solutions by Talksoft Corporation

Talksoft is an applications service provider (ASP) of notification and patient-reminder systems over telephone and global data networks helping providers reach more patients while achieving cost savings and increased patient compliance. 

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Prime Suite


Patient Engagement
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Key Benefits

  • Greenway API Certified on PrimeSUITE and Intergy with 2-way integration
  • Engage patients by phone, text, email and mobile app OR create your own mobile app
  • Analytic-applied messaging for best results
  • Help qualify for MU Patient Reminder measure with our Drummond certified ONC-HIT Outreach service
  • Easily send emergency weather or cancellation messages
  • Affordable— appointment based, free trial period, ROI

Talksoft offers simple and effective ways to engage your patients to remind them of appointments; reinforce preventive care for MU; and/or follow up on outstanding balances. Talksoft’s range of service includes appointment reminders, recalls, disease-state messages, payment reminders, broadcast messages and surveys.

Talksoft prides itself on creating technology that is flexible, simple, and comprehensive to facilitate your business processes. Talksoft engages and saves your company time and money to handle your repetitive, income-generating communications using phone calls, email, text messaging and mobile applications.

Leave the ever-changing technology to Talksoft and focus on your message, your patients, and your practice.