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Relaymed is the leader in device connectivity automation, working with solo practitioners to the top physician groups. A streamlined, cloud based LIS alternative for primary care, our affordable monthly subscription plans with no hidden fees.

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Key Benefits

Relaymed is an automated device connectivity software that instantly sends point-of-care test results to EHRs. Built for speed, simplicity and security, Relaymed is the LIS alternative for primary care. As invisible middleware, users won’t necessarily be aware of Relaymed working, but they will notice the significant time it saves in their existing lab workflow. Relaymed produces a number of benefits that unlock value and protect revenue, making it a must have in today’s competitive healthcare marketplace.

  • Automation optimizes workflow and practice efficiency
  • Staff and providers can focus on value-added patient care
  • Improved patient care increases satisfaction scores
  • Results are recorded with 100% accuracy, making audits simpler than ever before