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QueueDr is the leader in scheduling automation working with top physician groups across the country. We are committed to improving physician utilization, patient satisfaction, and staff productivity at the same time.

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Key Benefits

QueueDr is an award-winning product that automatically fills cancellations by texting patients when earlier appointments become available. QueueDr helps improve physician utilization and staff productivity, while helping patients see their doctor sooner. No one in the front office has to lift a finger, QueueDr just works! Practices that use QueueDr experience a 4x to 5x greater increase in physician utilization vs. those that don’t!

  • Grow Practice Revenue: Don’t let cancellations + no-shows hurt your bottom-line, keep your schedule full with QueueDr.
  • Boost Staff Productivity: The average office admin can save one full day per week of phone calls with QueueDr.
  • Increase Patient Satisfaction: QueueDr's automated system gets patients the care they need and want, sooner!
  • Never Lift a Finger: To achieve the success above, front office staff have to do nothing. QueueDr is 100% automated.
This ingenious software works in the background to not only keep the providers’ schedules full, but also receives constant praise from patients who utilize the service to better fit their schedules.
Matt Nachreiner, Practice Administrator -- Sanova Dermatology
I can’t say enough about this program QueueDr. The time I’ve saved by no longer monitoring the schedule has freed me up to work on other projects. I am excited about this program; it has done everything it said it would do and I would highly recommend it to anyone.
Kim C.
I’ve been very happy with QueueDr and patients who use it all love it. Last minute cancellations are a chronic problem in all medical offices, but QueueDr has made it a very rare occurrence for there to be gaps in my appointment schedule as they are refilled almost instantly. Also, we can count on patients who booked through QueueDr to be there as they never no show!
Dr. Charles K.
QueueDr has saved our staff the headache of trying to fill cancellations for our providers. We have seen a significant increase in provider fill rates since we started QueueDr!
Jenny T.

QueueDr fills patient cancellations, 100% automatically.