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Qardio is a leading digital health company committed to innovation in heart health by bringing new technologies and smart solutions to doctors and their patients.

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Remote Monitoring for Smarter Chronic Care Management

QardioMD is a smart remote monitoring solution that helps doctors care for chronic patients in a smarter, more effective way, and get reimbursed for remote monitoring CPT codes.

QardioMD for Greenway is fully integrated with Prime Suite and Intergy and offers the most efficient remote monitoring solution for chronic care management. It lets patients measure their vitals from the comfort of their home and share their data with their doctor automatically. Doctors track their patients' vitals via an algorithm powered dashboard that analyzes, sorts and prioritizes patients in real time so you instantly know who needs your attention. It also keeps track of your time spent on each patient so you can easily bring additional revenues through remote monitoring CPT codes.


  • Easy to implement - cloud based, HIPAA compliant, fully automated and device agnostic
  • Complete heart health monitoring - tracks vitals including BP, weight, ECG, HR, HRV, respiratory rate, physical activity and more
  • Efficient solution - reduces routine visits while supporting better care, freeing up practice capacity and driving new revenues
  • Cost effective - doctors keep 100% of their revenues, eligible for remote monitoring CPT codes reimbursement
“I believe that good, high quality home blood pressure monitoring devices are going to be critical for achieving better blood pressure control in the US population. I’ve been very impressed with the QardioArm device, which we are currently using in the Health eHeart Study.”
Mark Pletcher, Health eHeart Study Principal Investigator, UCSF
“As a heart rhythm specialist, I have been impressed with the ECG signal fidelity of the Qardiocore device. The wearable electrode interface does not require gels or adhesives and provides both clinical and research quality signal”
Dr. Spencer Rosero, Cardiologist, University of Rochester