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Integrated EHR Worktext

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McGraw Hill Education - Integrated Electronic Health Records: A Worktext for Greenway PrimeSUITE

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Key Benefits 

  • Learning outcomes written to reflect Bloom’s Taxonomy and establish key points to focus on in the each chapter. Major chapter heads structured to reflect the outcomes and numbered accordingly
  • Key terms defined in the chapter and end-of-book glossary
  • Big Picture starts each chapter's content and sets stage for what the reader needs to know and why he/she needs to know it
  • FYI Tips highlight information of interest to the reader, not related to the software
  • PrimeSUITE Tips highlight key things related to Greenway Prime Suite to which the reader should pay special attention

Developed as a comprehensive learning resource, this workttext is offered through McGraw-Hill. McGraw-Hill uses the latest technology and adaptive learning techniques to better connect users to the information and customized resources they need to supplement their Greenway training and master PrimeSUITE.

Integrated Electronic Health Records: A Worktext for Greenway PrimeSUITE is written by an author with an extensive HIM/HIT background — Beth Shanholtzer, MAEd, RHIA.

Included are 10 chapters of coverage of PrimeSUITE, an ONC-ACB-Certified, fully integrated Complete EHR, PM and interoperability solution.

All exercises are designated with PM, EHR, HIM tags, or some combination of those three and intended to provide a high-level understanding of the Greenway PrimeSUITE solution.