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Intellisense Threat Intelligence

ThreatAdvice, A NXTsoft company is a multi-faceted online cybersecurity risk analysis platform with a primary focus on non-technical cyber education for employees, awareness exercises including phishing tests, and real-time intelligence.

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Prime Suite


Compliance and Security

ThreatAdvice has created IntelliSense, a Threat Intelligence application to help you quickly assess risk and prioritize threats that matter to YOUR business.

With the intelligence you receive from IntelliSense, you are able to move from anticipation to action, armed with the information you need to proactively protect your organization from potential cyber threats.

Key Benefits

  • Relevant threat intelligence data delivered in real-time
  • Contextual data mining with data feed specific to your company
  • Push notification system for high priority alerts
  • Access to IntelliSense security experts for contextual follow-up on particular threats
We have 120 employees and have required them to use the cyber security training tools they have. It has been great and cut down dramatically the issues around email fraud, and cyber related matters. They are a good company and would certainly recommend them.
Hoffman Media, ThreatAdvice client

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