Streamline your patient intake process and give your staff the bandwidth and opportunity for higher-end, more patient-centric work. Dr. Nirman Tulsyan, Xenio Health’s CEO and co-founder, discusses how Greenway Marketplace Partner Xenio Health’s tool — built for Greenway’s Intergy and Prime Suite platforms — can boost your revenue through collections and operational efficiency.

Xenio Health bridges the gap of shrinking provider margins in an era of increased demands for quality outcomes and an enhanced patient experience. Xenio is physician-led and was built specifically for Greenway’s Intergy and PrimeSuite platforms. 

While the delivery of healthcare has undergone a technological renaissance...the solutions developed have not effectively targeted operational efficiency or empowered provider revenue.  In fact, these solutions have partially exacerbated the problem. 

Physician-founded and led, Xenio Health was formed to solve real-world problems that we struggled with in our own practices:  Building provider capacity to see more patients in a day and collect on patient responsibility in advance of the visit. 

We achieve this by leveraging four core functionalities: 

  1. Deep, Bi-directional integration with Intergy & PrimeSuite.
  2. Intelligent, pre-arrival document completion of demographic and clinical information 
  3. Insurance card scanning utilizing artificial intelligence to reduce claim rejections; and
  4. A financial transparency tool that simply informs patients of their responsibility and collects prior to a visit. 

Xenio Health’s target market is comprised of single and multi-specialty ambulatory practices, surgical centers, diagnostic testing facilities, dental practices, and physical therapists.