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The world's most comprehensive Patient Success Platform

Luma’s Patient Success Platform connects patients to their providers across the entire healthcare journey – access and operational, clinical, & financial.


Works with:



Appointment scheduling
Patient Acquisition and Engagement
Specialty Solutions
Check-in Solutions
Workflow Efficiency

Luma’s Patient Success Platform™ empowers patients and providers to be successful by connecting and orchestrating all the steps in the patient journey, along with all the operational workflows and processes in the healthcare ecosystem. This orchestration is supported by Luma Bedrock™ data-driven best practices, based on more than 700 million data points across more than 80 million patient interactions. For additional information, visit

Key benefits

  • Patients schedule directly in the EHR via SMS, web, chatbot, Google My Business integration, or digital call deflection.
  • Patient responses to actionable reminders automatically update the EHR, and patients are automatically offered open slots.
  • Luma Health offers HIPAA-compliant messaging for seamless communication between patients and providers.
  • Bi-directionally integrated digital forms and automated pre-appointment reminders save time and increase efficiency.
“Our high volume practice demands that we routinely modify our schedules to meet the needs of our patients. Luma allows us to quickly fill appointment slots, communicate efficiently with patients, and has helped us increase our online reputation.”
Kevin Goutos, Albany Gastroenterology