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Create a seamless patient intake and payment experience with Health Here’s specialty-specific workflows and consumer-friendly interface.

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A patient-friendly intake, benefits review, and payment solution

Create a seamless patient intake and payment experience with check-in workflows that are specialty-specific and personalized for each patient's journey and a payment module that provides convenient ways for your patients to pay and clearly explains the "why" behind what they owe. Start the conversation with your patients at-home via our mobile app or in-clinic with our iPad kiosks. Visit to learn more!   


  • Remove manual processes, cut down on check-in times, and more easily collect payments with our consumer-friendly patient check-in and payments workflows
  • Leverage patient-generated health data to enhance clinic throughput, while empowering providers with detailed health and medication histories
  • Delight patients with our intelligent CardFlow interface that is responsive to each patient’s unique history and directly integrated with the Greenway EMR
  • Explain the "why" behind patient bills with real-time insurance benefits review and detailed cost breakouts for each clinic visit
  • Create a seamless patient experience both inside and outside the walls of your clinic with our mobile app and in-office iPad kiosks

Read the Health Here Story

"As visit volume at our clinics is on the rise and health plans are pushing our patients to pay more out-of-pocket, the choice in selecting Health Here was a simple one. They were able to accommodate our pulmonary-specific workflows while still providing the ease-of-use demanded by our patients. We can now process patients faster, deliver better data to our physicians, and more easily collect payments from our patients.”
Joe Zurfluh, CEO, Pulmonary Associates of Mobile
“The greatest thing about Health Here is the ability to add scale to our operations so we can continue to grow and to collect accurate patient information in a format that over 75% of patients favor over paper.”
John Cornelissen, COO, Tennessee Orthopedic Alliance