Greenway Speech™

Solution by Greenway® Made

Greenway Speech™ replaces rudimentary and costly dictation services with embedded speech understanding, more than just voice recognition. This delivers rapid return on investment and increases accuracy while saving time.

Works with:

Prime Suite
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Key Benefits

  • Recognizes and understands voices, including accents, after only 20 minutes of dictation
  • Embedded medical dictionary, spell check and speech-correction controls
  • Custom clinical templates and XML/CDA enable capture of discrete data within dictation and correct placement within the patient’s Prime Suite electronic health record
  • Real-time content review and editing

The integrated solution transforms medical dictation into discrete patient data set, that can be reviewed and approved in real time by the physician, and accessed by authorized staff in the patient’s Prime Suite EHR.

Existing patient medical histories can be imported from Prime Suite facesheets into dictation templates. Using Prime Suite, clinicians can also create new, searchable documents, structured with section and subsection formatting for optimal organization. And new patient data can be added to previously saved documents and stored in a central Prime Suite database for fast access and flexible updates.