EXTEND™ by ViiMed

Solution by ViiMed

ViiMed® gives health care providers the digital tools to engage patients and encourage them to actively take charge of their health. EXTEND™ advances peri-operative workflow, improves surgery cancellation rates, reduces unnecessary follow-up visits and improves patient education delivery.

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Care Coordination
Mobile Solutions
Patient Education
Patient Engagement
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Key Benefits

  • Optimize scheduling to reduce cancellations and automate patient notifications
  • Simplify and scale care coordination with secured messaging and virtual visits
  • Gain insight into patient satisfaction, quality, and outcomes measures ( ex. Pain and PROs)
  • Identify patient risk factors and engage patients with clinical context

EXTEND™ automates orthopeadic care coaching, while gaining insight into patient risk factors, enabling care teams to better serve patients. EXTEND™ enables surgery providers to lower surgery cancellations, reduce unnecessary follow-up visits, and improve patient education delivery across the entire peri-operative process. With seamless integration into Greenway, EXTEND™ creates powerful care coordination and patient coaching tools that can address bundled payment challenges, while driving greater patient satisfaction and loyalty.