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The Dr. Leonardo WebBuilder is an industry leader in custom medical website development – as an internal software tool to increase quality controls and efficiencies for the design of custom websites. 

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Patient Education
Patient Engagement
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Key Benefits

  • Simple Four-Step Do-It-Yourself Process Builds a Custom Website for your Healthcare Practice in Minutes 
  • Design Layouts for Each Healthcare Specialty –1,000+ Deigns in Total
  • Drag-and-Drop Interface to Personalize Every Design
  • Point-of-Care Patient Education Library with 6,000+ Health Conditions, Treatments & Procedures; Includes SEO Keywords, Tags, and Titles
  • All Content Can Be Edited and Customized using the Content Management System (CMS)
  • Add Your Logo, Videos, Widgets, and Links to Social Media
  • Mobile Option for iPhone, Android & Blackberry Devices

The fastest and easiest way to get your practice online.

As the gateway to your Greenway Patient Portal, your website is a primary interaction point with your patients. It is now your front desk, online. Dr. Leonardo helps your practice manage all this, simply and easily.

In as little as 20 minutes, your practice can have a full-featured website rivaling any custom website design. Choose from a minimum of 18 different Layouts per medical specialty (over 1,000 in all). Your website will serve as your Point-of-Care solution for Patient Education with information on more than 6,000 different conditions, treatments, and procedures. Dr. Leonardo is a complete Content Management System (CMS), so everything is can be edited. The product features more than 5,000 medical illustrations and photographs from A.D.A.M. and Getty Images. Add bios for you and your staff and even upload your own photography.

Dr. Leonardo’s dashboard features built-in website traffic analytics, options for SecureForms, Mobile Optimization for smartphones, and SEO Master Tool for access by outside marketing agencies.