DMEhub ePrescribing

Solution by DME Clearinghouse

DMEhub enables physicians to ePrescribe durable medical equipment (DME) through an easy-to-use electronic format that auto-populates e-prescriptions with information from your Greenway PrimeSUITE® solution, including patient, practice and insurance data.

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Integrates with:

Prime Suite


EDI Services
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Key Benefits

  • API Certified
  • Supports and simplifies ePrescribing for patients who need durable medical equipment
  • Auto-populates necessary patient, practice and insurance data from PrimeSUITE
  • Prompts physicians for complete data at the point of prescription
  • Verifies all information and matches patients with suppliers

The solution prompts prescribing physicians to answer a few simple questions about the prescribed equipment, virtually eliminating annoying and time-consuming supplier requests for additional information.

Cut the time you spend ordering DME from days to minutes. DMEhub verifies all insurance information and matches patients with suppliers based on insurance coverage and prescribed supplies. Once the prescription is placed, the clearinghouse contacts patients with the information so they can make the choice that best suits their needs.

Minimum version of PrimeSUITE: