Coding and Documentation Services

Solution by TrustHCS

TrustHCS provides consulting and staffing services to ambulatory, acute and post-acute care organizations. Our data-driven approach reduces operating costs, accelerates reimbursement and drives revenue integrity improvement for healthcare organizations.

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Key Benefits

  • Supplemental remote coding services
  • Outsourced remote coding services
  • Audits for documentation sufficiency and deficiency
  • Coding compliance monitoring and auditing
  • Training workshops for physicians, practice managers, and biller/coder staff

TrustHCS ensures revenue integrity with a number of services:

Remote Coding
TrustHCS provides credentialed and experienced supplemental coding resources to help maintain revenue integrity and proper reimbursement. Services can be provided as a full outsource or as supplemental support until the organization can resume full coding operations.

Documentation Audit
TrustHCS Coding and CDI experts engage in an analysis of documentation gaps related to ICD-10 sufficiency or deficiency for specialty records. Documentation needs to meet the levels of specificity necessary to accurately reflect care provided to the patient. This review service focuses on sufficiency/deficiency of current documentation. The outcome of analysis identifies specific areas of focus where current documentation negatively impacts the ability to code in ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS.

Coding Compliance Monitoring
Coding Auditors from TrustHCS provide coding compliance monitoring. Each quarter, a pre-determined sample of records are reviewed for each coder in the organization. The audit is designed to monitor the coders ability to apply proper coding guidelines. Education is provided to the coders based on audit findings to address any issues.

TrustHCS offers tailored education plans designed to provide education and information relevant to client needs. Education sessions can focus not only on coding specific areas but also particular education needs based on physician specialties. Credentialed instructors lead the educational sessions with both on-site and remote delivery options.