Solution by ChartCapture

ChartCapture products put patients’ complete paper records online, delivering caregivers secure, easy access to patient information. ChartCapture is a leading chart-scanning choice of physicians transitioning to EHR.

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Prime Suite


Imaging and Document Management
Workflow Efficiency
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Key Benefits

  • Complete patient histories at clinicians’ fingertips
  • Every page in full color for legal and HIPAA-compliant archives
  • Rapid chart capture
  • Ability to view paper charts on screen

ChartCapture puts complete patient history at your fingertips with the simplicity of paper charts. Avoid the frustration fumbling around to find old notes while learning your new system. With ChartCapture, you can convert an entire chart from paper to digital in 90 seconds or less and get back to the work that matters most.

ChartCapture is the #1 chart-scanning choice of physicians transitioning to an EHR/EMR, such as Greenway PrimeSUITE®.