Get up to speed with the latest MACRA updates

Image: Get the latest updates on the Quality Payment Program for 2018.

There’s no avoiding it — MACRA, and the Quality Payment Programs associated with it, will be felt by most healthcare providers. Eventually, MACRA is going to affect your practice’s bottom line.

So, get to know all the latest complexities of Medicare reimbursement rules and penalties and let us simplify them for you.

Greenway Health offered a webinar featuring David Heller, our industry and government affairs manager, who discussed the impact MACRA will have on your practice. He covered:

  • Updated scoring and performance thresholds.
  • Advancing Care Information, including the finalization of new exclusions and exemptions.
  • How Quality reporting has changed.
  • More Improvement Activities to choose from.
  • The introduction of weighing Cost in the program.

Greenway provided updates on Advanced Alternative Payment Models (APMs), and hardship exclusions due to recent weather events such as hurricanes Irma and Harvey, and wildfires in California.

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