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What causes shrinking profitability?

Often, the cause lurks in outdated revenue cycle processes, such as non-compliance with new federal regulations, or in changes in patient behavior. 

The transition to value-based reimbursement requires practices to adjust workflows. Reporting for value-based programs is also time-consuming — most practices lack the resources to properly adapt.

In addition, high out-of-pocket expenses for patients make it difficult for practices to increase or stabilize profitability when patients are less likely to pay. Practices can get ahead of this challenge by verifying eligibility and collecting co-pays before or at the time of service.


How can I get on the path to increased profitability?

Revenue cycle management

Greenway Health’s revenue cycle management (RCM) services streamline operational and financial processes for peak performance. Medical coding and auditing can further increase profitability.

Enhanced patient engagement

Engaging with patients through Greenway Patient Portal and Patient Messaging solutions allows you to increase patient loyalty, meet value-based and pay-for-performance goals, and achieve better clinical outcomes — without adding extra work.

Chronic care management

Greenway Health's resources and services can guide your practice in its efforts to boost profitability, enhance patient care, and improve outcomes by being proactive in your approach and taking advantage of the Chronic Care Management Fee.

Are there questions I should be asking?

Why are reimbursements falling and costs rising?

New payment hurdles continue to raise the bar for revenue streams and billing practices. This leads to growing payer requirements, often with less staff to work denials. Also, increased staffing and IT costs escalate operating expenses.

How we can help: We will help you examine ways to decrease costs and increase reimbursements, so you can stay profitable.

How will MACRA affect my practice?

Medicare-eligible clinicians (ECs) who participate in MIPS will get a payment adjustment on fee-for-service claims two years after each performance period. The adjustment ranges up to a positive or negative 4%, payable in 2019, and up to a positive or negative 9% adjustment in 2022 and onward. 

While the initial negative payment adjustments may seem small, ongoing negative adjustments for multiple providers can cause major revenue issues.

How we can help: With resources such as our MACRA e-book, we'll help you stay on track with government regulations.

What about high-deductible health plans?

The rise in consumer-driven healthcare can hurt revenue cycles because patients tend to be harder to collect from than payers are. 

According to the National Business Group on Health, in 2017, 35% of large employers offered only HDHPs, compared to nearly 33% in 2015, and 22% in 2014.  

How we can help: Greenway can help you determine patient-collection gaps, and adjust accordingly. For example, front office staff can offer patients the option to pay bills through our online patient portal.

What about the Affordable Care Act?

There was an influx of 30 million newly insured patients into the healthcare system in 2014 due to the ACA. Providers have seen an increase in patient volume due to the rise in insured patients. This results in a short-term boost to medical revenue based on a fee-for-service model.

It is unclear, however, whether the medical field will be able to handle this increase in the long run since there is already a shortage of skilled medical providers.

The ACA also led to an increase in High-Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs).

How we can help: We have our finger on the pulse of healthcare, helping you prepare and prosper as changes arise.


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