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Greenway Telehealth™ — available now!

A secure, HIPAA-compliant telehealth solution with one-click entry to live video and audio visits — plus text-based chat. Watch overview

Care with a personal touch

Greenway Patient Messaging gives patients the flexibility to decide how the practice communicates with them — whether by phone, email, or text. 

Our secure messaging solution brings patients into the office for the preventive care they need … improving patient satisfaction while offsetting no-shows and lost revenue. Practices can send automated messages to patients in real time or as scheduled.

Engage: Patient care beyond the office

Our solution automates messages, so you can stay in touch with patients year-round. Improve care, communication, satisfaction, retention, and revenue — while freeing your staff to tend to other tasks.

  • 10% improved front office efficiency
  • 2% increased patient capacity
  • Send appointment reminders
  • Send preventive care reminders and birthday messages for recommended tests or procedures based on age and/or sex
  • Notify patients of missed appointments
  • Alert patients when a prescription has been sent to the pharmacy
  • Remind patients to schedule future appointments

Connect: Seamless solutions integration

Greenway Patient Messaging seamlessly integrates with your other Greenway Health solutions to send messages to your patients. 

  • Message schedules real-time and recurring interactions triggered by patient-related events in your EHR and practice management system.
  • You decide when a message is sent, what it contains, and how it’s delivered to patients.

Choose: The preferred format for patients

Patients can choose to receive messages in the format most convenient to them, including:

  • Email
  • Text
  • Voice

With Greenway Patient Messaging’s two-way communication, patients can easily respond to messages.

You have access to our Appointment Broadcast functionality, allowing you to notify your patients of sudden office closures, or other situations that require immediate communication.

Stronger connections. Better health. We'll take you there.