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GRS Select™ — available now!

With our new, customizable revenue cycle offering you can choose the services your practice needs the most. Customize your plan

Empowering your practice

Greenway Health offers clinical, financial, and administrative technologies that ensure connectivity and profitability, as well as patient communication tools that set the stage for exceptional care.

Achieve efficiency

Our EHR and practice management solutions create simplified, user-friendly environments, improving the quality of facetime between doctors and patients.

Maximize profitability

Greenway Health's billing and revenue cycle management solutions give you the tools to streamline services, optimize performance, and pursue every penny owed. 

Enable communication

Greenway Patient Portal gives patients access to an online portal, and Greenway Patient Messaging lets practices send appointment reminders and other communication.

Integrated connections

Explore the relationship between better PATIENT CARE AND financial performance.

Focusing on improving the patient experience is the driving force behind our solutions.

Greenway Health's resources and services give you greater control, so you can analyze data and manage chronic conditions, while remaining in touch with patients.

We offer a range of forward-thinking technologies that enhance patient care inside and outside the exam room.


Your journey to successful outcomes starts today!