EHR, practice management, dental, analytics, and more

Increase efficiency by automating critical functions of your organization to meet government requirements for FQHCs.

Fewer clicks

Get the information you need faster with Intergy. Fewer clicks means more time for what you do best — seeing patients and providing quality care.

Simplified workflows

Improve practice efficiency with documentation that doesn’t slow you down. Intergy fosters collaboration between providers and staff.

Customizable solutions

Optimize workflows, streamline administrative and clinical tasks. You can customize Intergy’s features to meet the unique needs of your practice.


Greenway is one of seven founding members of CommonWell Health Alliance, a nonprofit trade association dedicated to clinical information exchange.


Greenway’s integration with CommonWell Health Alliance provides access to a nationwide patient information exchange connecting 15,000+ provider sites.

Essential features for your FQHC

Treat the patient’s entire range of healthcare needs, from medical and dental to behavioral health, through a single solution with single registration and one source for billing and reports.

Customized templates

A template library eases the data collection process for CQMs, UDS, and programs such as Ryan White. Populating the progress note within the workflow allows for the discrete capture of data required for reporting without additional interaction.

Specialized reporting

Provide reports for specialized grant and reporting programs such as PRAPARE, Ryan White (RSR Report), FPAR, UDS, MIPS, and Promoting Interoperability (PI). Data auto-populates the required reports, saving time and improving accuracy.

Sliding fees

Auto-calculation based on income and household size improves accuracy of patient responsibility calculation, resulting in improved efficiency and increased A/R.

Specialized FQHC billing

Meet the unique billing requirements for an FQHC, including slides, wrap-rates, and PPS rates. Claims go out right the first time and get paid quickly.


Meet Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) requirements and simplify certification.

Integrated dental solution

A single point of registration, billing, and reporting promotes a holistic approach to care.

UDS dashboard

Reporting available throughout the year shows how your organization is performing on each measure or report. Realtime access to UDS tables sheds light on your standing and allows for immediate corrections.

Enterprise-level capabilities

FQHCs with multiple locations and service centers need reporting by each. This feature allows for the capture of data by provider, location, center, department, procedure groups, and CPT.

Guidelines for population health

Industry-standard clinical guidelines for patient care make providers aware of “gaps” in each individual patient’s care needs. Providers stay on top of recommended services through real-time data.

PDMP checking

Save time at the point of care by checking your state-run prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) within the workflow rather than through a third-party website.

Rise to the challenge of regulatory change

Given the constant change in the healthcare industry, especially as it relates to FQHC billing, it can be difficult to prepare for the needs of the future. Our technology helps you meet these challenges:

  • Regulatory change
  • Incentive program criteria
  • Documentation requirements
FQHC Electronic Health Records

“Five years ago, the average life expectancy in our community was 51 years; today it is 56. We are a real-life example of the power of health information technology.”

Adrienne Laverdure, M.D.
Medical Dir., Peter Christensen Health Center

"Having quality measures to show providers is a huge advantage. Once you have the data, you can show them what's happening."

Brittani Anderson
Quality and Performance Manager, North Ottawa Community Health System

Watch this short video to see how our EHR works for you

You spoke, we listened … and developed electronic health records solutions based on your needs.  

  • Fewer clicks and simpler reporting
  • Personalized experiences for each user
  • Integrated billing to capture all revenue

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Patient engagement

Encourage patients’ involvement in their care by giving them tools to access their information and communicate with your practice.

  • Patient Portal: Patients can request or schedule appointments and pay bills online. The result is improved patient satisfaction and increased revenue for your practice.
  • Patient Messaging: Communicate appointment times, instructions for procedures, and other information to increase front office efficiency and reduce no-show rates.
Patient Engagement for Surgery Practice

Medical billing expertise

Work with Greenway Revenue Services to drive profitability and financial success.

  • Offering extensive experience in revenue cycle management, our dedicated medical billing team partners with yours.
  • We focus on improving key performance indicator (KPIs) through data analysis, denial management, and outstanding A/R follow-up.
  • Our team integrates with your practice, serving as an extension of your team, with ongoing communication and shared technology access.

Get Billing Expertise

Medical Billing Benefits (RCM)

The average revenue improvement seen by practices after switching to Greenway Revenue Services.


The average decreased days in A/R for Greenway Revenue Services users.

Harness Intergy Practice Analytics

We help you transform your practice’s data into actionable insight to increase efficiency and revenue.

  • Use dashboards to track value-based care performance.
  • Develop time- and cost-saving processes.
  • Identify gaps in care based on diagnoses, lab results, vitals, visits, risk level, and more.
  • Customize fields to see financial analytics at the level you want.
  • Analyze obscure or non-standard measures.
  • Supports group reporting and all EHR-based measures.
Practice analytics

Discover a top-rated EHR and practice management solution designed for your FQHC.