Creating patient success and provider satisfaction

Empowering patients to take control of their care journey, and supporting providers in successful care delivery outcomes.


Patient Connect

Empower patients to self-manage their care journey and securely connect with their care team

Patient Portal

Provide patients anytime access to their health record and support better wellness outcomes

Health Pay

Transform your patient payment collection process and streamline your practice operations

Greenway Patient Connect™

Greenway Patient Connect™ powered by Luma, Greenway Health's fully integrated patient engagement platform is designed to promote patient success and satisfaction while relieving practice burden and driving efficiency.

Aligning with the three essential components of the patient-provider experience—Access, Readiness, and Communication—Greenway Patient Connect™ seamlessly integrates scheduling, registration, and communication features. This integration aims to help practices recapture lost revenue, reduce personnel costs, and enhance the patient-provider relationship.

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“The Greenway Patent Portal is one of Greenway's shining stars. We hear from a lot of our patients on how easy it is too use, they love the look and feel of the user interface. The ease at which they can submit data in a secure manner to their providers.”

Ken Martin
Director of Information Services, ConnextCare

Greenway Health Pay™

Greenway Health Pay™ powered by Instamed, makes managing payment collections easy for you and your patients. By allowing practices to automate, process and post patient payments securely, Greenway Health Pay supports integrated payment collection that drives an improved patient experience and increased practice efficiencies. Simplify your payment processing, increase staff efficiency, and expand payment channels for your patients all while creating better financial outcomes and a more successful patient journey.

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MIPS: What it means for your practice

The Advancing Care Information category that measures provider performance on offering patients electronic access to their health records requires: 

  • 50% of patients must have access to electronic health records.
  • 5% of patients must view, download, or transmit their records.
  • 5% of patients must communicate with their provider via secure messaging.



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