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Creating an enhanced patient engagement experience

Although some patients may be reluctant to participate in their care, we have resources to engage them and empower them with a sense of ownership.

Online patient portals

Build trust by offering discharge summaries, lab results, prescription refills, appointment scheduling, and more.


Using mHealth, a patient mobile health app, allows you to extend patient portal functions to smartphones and tablets.

Social media

Channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn provide a forum to share content that educates and encourages patients.


Automated messaging allows physicians to communicate health management best practices and tools with patients.

Video: The power of patient engagement

Patients expect greater access to their health records. With our patient engagement software, your patients can:

  • Schedule appointments.
  • Ask clinical and medical billing questions.
  • Request prescription refills.
  • Stay current on their open accounts and payments.
  • View their lab results.
  • Access links to additional information on their conditions and treatments.

Watch our short video to learn which solutions engage patients the most. 

“Today, patient engagement is huge, and Greenway’s Patient Portal and Messaging helps us do that better."

Bethany Suggs
systems coordinator, Family Medical Associates of Raleigh

Forward-thinking solutions for you

An engaged patient is a happy, healthy patient 

Patients who contribute to their own lifestyle improvements typically experience a sense of pride in their role, and that patient satisfaction benefits the entire healthcare industry.

The connection to population health

Encouraging patient engagement is a crucial step on the path to measurable improvements in population health.

Patient engagement tools give patients access to their health information, as well as reminders to attend appointments. They have the information they need to participate in managing their conditions and live healthier lives. 

MIPS: What it means for your practice

The Advancing Care Information category that measures provider performance on offering patients electronic access to their health records requires: 

  • 50% of patients must have access to electronic health records.
  • 5% of patients must view, download, or transmit their records.
  • 5% of patients must communicate with their provider via secure messaging.

We’re ready to help you improve patient engagement without adding to your workload.