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Behind the simple doctor-patient interaction, activity whirls …

With scheduling, coding, billing, records management, and more, we assist your efforts to untangle tasks and create workflow efficiencies for optimal patient care.    

Flexible information exchange

Practices shouldn’t conform to a one-size-fits-all system, and with Greenway Health, you won't. Our EHR solutions simplify tasks and blend with your workflows.

Enhanced actionable data

When you partner with Greenway Health, you can make records management magic happen. Access and analyze patient information and take action. 

Renewed focus on patients

With innovative solutions at your fingertips, you regain control so you can refocus your energies on your No. 1 priority: providing the best patient care.

Realize workflow efficiency in engaging patient connections

Customizing communication

Whether via a call, text, or email — the best way to get in touch depends on the patient. With Greenway Health, you can tailor communications to patients’ preferences.

Guiding patients to the clinic

Automated appointment reminders reduce no-shows, while customizable scheduling and automated check-in processes reduce work for office staff ... meaning patients receive the care they need.

Enhancing the provider-patient experience

Our solutions let providers capture data easily and accurately. They also have easy access to patients’ medical histories.

Clarifying analytics and data

Greenway Health opens the door to patient analytics. Delve into your patient data based on risk factors and other variables to close gaps in care. Our solutions simplify data.

Taking control of population health

If population health is new to you, Greenway Health can guide you through the basics. Our solutions allow you to focus on groups of patients, implement outreach, and improve outcomes. 

Improved workflows enable exceptional care

Partner with Greenway Health and we will turn your vision of smooth operations into a reality of boosted revenue, reduced stress, and improved patient health.

We put the EHR and practice management tools in your hands to improve workflow efficiencies.

Live your dream of smooth-running operations. Begin your partnership with Greenway Health.