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Fully bundled, cloud-based EHR and practice management solutions with Greenway Secure Cloud*.

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Medical practice management software for a changing industry

With Greenway’s practice management software, you can handle complex billing matters, automate routine tasks, and streamline office workflows.

Centralized billing

A streamlined billing system with an integrated clearinghouse serves multiple locations and specialties.

Secure information

Capture and store patient information with ease and benefit from enhanced security features.

Revenue cycle workflows

Create, submit, and follow up on at-risk claims with a reliable billing system that manages revenue.


Nearly all claims accepted by Greenway Clearinghouse Services are accepted and adjudicated by the payer.

Billing intricacies simplified

Automate tasks, boost data security, and improve claim management with Greenway’s practice management software solution.

Practice management features include:

  • Centralized billing
  • Scheduling functionality across locations
  • Security level filters
  • Searchable worklists
  • Automated allocation of guarantor unapplied credit
  • Ability to enter more than one pharmacy per patient
  • Ad-hoc financial reporting capabilities

Explore the advantages of Intergy

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Enhanced patient information management

Ensure complete and accurate patient information, improve identity verification, and provide additional convenience for patients.

  • Image import for photo ID/insurance cards
  • Duplex card scanning
  • Photo ID and insurance card tabs
  • Deactivated check-in for patients no longer current
  • Enhanced audit capabilities
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“Greenway Intergy is one of the most important aspects of our practice.”

Jim Shea
Practice Administrator, Black Hills Neurosurgery & Spine

"Greenway is amazing, so user-friendly. I hire and train new employees, and one of the easiest things to do is train them on Greenway. They offer so much help and support."

Anna Howard
Practice Manager, Progressive Care for Women

Gain insight into the claim cycle

You can manage the full claim cycle using technology integrated with your practice management system.

Greenway Clearinghouse Services sheds light on the progress of claims with financial, clinical, and administrative electronic data interchange services, including ERAs.

The solution helps you submit claims quickly, ensure accuracy, and maintain control and insight throughout the process.

Learn About Clearinghouse Services

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Access the newest Intergy and Clearinghouse features

The latest Intergy and Clearinghouse updates allow you to improve efficiency, save time, and enhance the patient experience.

  • View patient eligibility information conveniently grouped on one summary screen in Intergy.
  • Record patient addresses with accuracy using Intergy’s USPS Web Tools.
  • Attach necessary documentation in the portal through the workers’ comp claim attachment in Clearinghouse Services.
  • Export client electronic remittance advice (ERA) management grid views to Excel within the Clearinghouse portal. (A top request!)
Clearinghouse New Features Now Live

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Gain control of your medical practice management with Greenway.