Innovative EHR for cardiology practices

Work with a user-friendly, cloud-based EHR that simplifies workflows and drives financial performance.

Fewer clicks

Get the information you need faster with Intergy. Fewer clicks means more time for what you do best — seeing patients and providing quality care.

Simplified workflows

Improve practice efficiency with documentation that doesn’t slow you down. Intergy fosters collaboration between providers and staff.

Customizable solutions

Optimize workflows, streamline administrative and clinical tasks. You can customize Intergy’s features to meet the unique needs of your practice.


Greenway is one of seven founding members of CommonWell Health Alliance, a nonprofit trade association dedicated to clinical information exchange.


Greenway’s integration with CommonWell Health Alliance provides access to a nationwide patient information exchange connecting 15,000+ provider sites.

Essential features customizable for your cardiology practice

Actions and events

Guide patients through office visits with preset actions that your front office staff can specify. Set protocols and standardize workflows, so you automatically advance to the next task in the process.

Claim control

Quickly identify and collect at-risk claims and display them in an intuitive worklist. Streamline A/R collections by fixing errors in rejected claims and reaching out to payers to follow up on outstanding A/R.


Improve office workflows and maximize scheduling efficiency with Week-at-a-Glance, Waitlist, and Limit Timeslots by Insurance features.


Increase staff accountability and optimize productivity through enhanced cross-function messaging and consolidated communications.

PDMP checking

Save time at the point of care by checking your state-run prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) within the workflow rather than through a third-party website.

Predictive order management

Predictive order management (POM) is a state-of-the-art machine learning tool that “learns” how each provider treats patients based on diagnosis code. By predicting orders, procedures, and medications, it saves time spent on documentation.

Clinical documentation

Improve productivity with enhanced split-screen flexibility, limited scrolling and tab-to-tab, and the ability to save templates on the fly without altering the base version.

Configuration and control

Save time and increase efficiency with workflows that can be tailored to fit the needs of your cardiology practice. Control system access through role-based permissions.


Boost your performance with single-vendor support and streamlined integration with practice management.

Family accounts

Enjoy streamlined access to family records under one account and import individual members’ medical histories.

Health maintenance reminders

Close care gaps and satisfy quality measures with industry-standard preventive reminders based on age, gender, and medical history.

Quick register

Save time by quickly creating new accounts and automating workflow functions with limited data entry required.

Pre-loaded forms and templates give providers time back

Intergy provides 500+ customizable pre-loaded forms and templates, including specialty-specific content that is diagnosis-driven. 

  • Shareable, pre-built templates based on visit reason allow providers to see a greater number of patients. 
  • With quick, streamlined documentation and pre-defaulted findings, providers have more time to spend with each patient. 
  • Templates may be used with transcription or dictation.
  • Templates can be kept provider-specific, shared throughout the practice, or transmitted to other practices through Intergy.
Cardiology Electronic Health Records

"With Intergy, everything is in the patient's chart. It doesn't matter if they were seen at another facility or if it was from their primary care physician's office. We are able to obtain these records and either put them directly into the patient's chart or have access to it."

Janette Gauthier
Practice Administrator, Tucson Heart Group

Watch this short video to see how our EHR works for you

You spoke, we listened … and developed electronic health records solutions based on your needs.  

  • Fewer clicks and simpler reporting
  • Personalized experiences for each user
  • Integrated billing to capture all revenue

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Patient engagement

Encourage patients’ involvement in their care by giving them tools to access their information and communicate with your practice.

  • Patient Portal: Patients can request or schedule appointments and pay bills online. The result is improved patient satisfaction and increased revenue for your practice.
  • Patient Messaging: Communicate appointment times, instructions for procedures, and other information to increase front office efficiency and reduce no-show rates.
Cardio EHR Engagement

Medical billing expertise

Work with Greenway Revenue Services to drive profitability and financial success.

  • Offering extensive experience in revenue cycle management, our dedicated medical billing team partners with yours.
  • We focus on improving key performance indicator (KPIs) through data analysis, denial management, and outstanding A/R follow-up.
  • Our team integrates with your practice, serving as an extension of your team, with ongoing communication and shared technology access.

Get Billing Expertise

Medical Billing Benefits (RCM)

The average revenue improvement seen by practices after switching to Greenway Revenue Services.


The average decreased days in A/R for Greenway Revenue Services users.

Harness Intergy Practice Analytics

We help you transform your practice’s data into actionable insight to increase efficiency and revenue.

  • Use dashboards to track value-based care performance.
  • Develop time- and cost-saving processes.
  • Identify gaps in care based on diagnoses, lab results, vitals, visits, risk level, and more.
  • Customize fields to see financial analytics at the level you want.
  • Analyze obscure or non-standard measures.
  • Supports group reporting and all EHR-based measures.
Practice analytics

Discover a top-rated EHR and practice management solution designed for your cardiology practice.