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Clinical photography is playing an increasingly important role in the healthcare delivery and documentation process. Adding clinical photos to a patient record has traditionally been a tedious process, with each patient encounter requiring numerous touch points. A busy clinic may spend hundreds or even thousands of hours each year accurately capturing and catalog clinical photos. We know that your time is valuable. That’s why RxPhoto has partnered with Greenway to optimize, standardize, and facilitate the clinical photography process. With RxPhoto, clinicians use their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to capture and catalog photos. When capturing an image, users simply select the patient name from the Greenway patient directory. Next, the target area is selected from a list of over 300 pre-defined anatomy areas. Once the photo has been captured, the user may add annotations, clinical notes, or diagnosis information. When the photo is saved, it is sent directly to the patient’s Greenway record via a HIPAA compliant gateway. Images are never stored on the device, so your staff is free to use their own personal phone or tablet. Existing photos can be easily viewed and managed from a mobile device or from your EMR. Clinicians can also use RxPhoto to create a variety of customized and branded reports which can assist with marketing, expectation management, treatment documentation, insurance claims or pre-authorizations

RxPhoto helps practices streamline the process of capturing, cataloging and managing medical photos by transforming your iPhone or iPad into a clinical photography system.

RxPhoto standardizes the process of taking high-quality and consistent clinical photos, automatically cataloging them in the RxPhoto HIPAA compliant cloud and managing them for expectation management, record keeping and to help market and illustrate the practice’s services. Easy retrieval of patient photos and the use of visual documentation tools makes RxPhoto an all-in-one clinical photography solution.