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HealthMark's MedRelease and OTech software

Digital health information management solutions

The digital OTech platform supports patient engagement solutions that guide patients through the intake process with real-time, two-way updates into the nation’s leading EMR and PM systems.

HealthMark’s proprietary record management platform, MedRelease™, serves as a powerful record management system to securely and accurately handle release of information requests. Records are managed with full transparency and compliance through an accessible, configurable, and secure dashboard.

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Works with:



Patient Acquisition and Engagement
Voice Recognition
Value-Based Reimbursement Support
Specialty Solutions
Precision Medicine
Patient Education
Billing Optimization
Inventory Management
Imaging and Document Management
Compliance and Security
Clinical Decision Support
Check-in Solutions
Care Management
Workflow Efficiency

Key Benefits

  • Mobile pre-check-in or kiosk/tablet check-in, appointment reminders, and patient payments
  • Customized, fully electronic patient intake form completion with discrete autopopulation of data
  • Medical, billing and imaging record release, audit support, and human & machine learning chart misfile detection 
  • FMLA & Disability form completion 

What OTech customers are saying:

“HealthMark has taken a huge load off of our shoulders so we can focus on day to day care...we are very impressed and don’t have to worry any longer."
Desert West OBGYN
Frankly, if I left this organization and went to another one tomorrow, this would be the first thing I would change - I would switch over to HealthMark.
The Surgical Clinic