FIGmd Specialized Registry Reporting

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Access data that matters, improve care quality, and enhance incentive performance with expert advice, support, and industry leading tools.

Over 100,000+ providers rely on our expertise to balance between optimizing daily clinical operations and incentivized performance programs. We empower practices to drive outcomes - be it improved health outcomes, cost reduction or revenue enhancement.

FIGmd connects you to one of our 16 Specialty Society Partners to best leverage your data in a meaningful way. Access information and reporting options to maximize quality and incentives through an intuitive dashboard and support from experienced client account management staff.

Works with:

Prime Suite


Value-Based Reimbursement Support
Specialty Solutions


  • Modern quality measurement platform for specialty society registry participation and CMS (QPP, CQM, eCQM) reporting 
  • Easy-to-use dashboard where staff can monitor data, drill down into metrics, and manage progress
  • Massive proprietary knowledge base of data structure and semantics normalization built over years of experience
  • Operational support provided by trusted, experienced specialty and MIPS consultants to get the most out of your data