Success with virtual care starts with an innovative solution

Introducing the first tool in Greenway's virtual care portfolio: Greenway Telehealth™

An all-in-one telehealth solution

Deliver quality care from remote locations without interrupting established workflows.

Backed by a team of trusted advisers

Navigate telehealth billing guidelines and the ever-changing requirements of CMS.

Innovating for the future of healthcare

Get the latest product updates and EHR integration. As telehealth advances, you’ll be one step ahead.

"We are excited to be moving forward on our path to creating long-term virtual care solutions that can easily be implemented into our customers’ established workflows."

David Cohen
Greenway Chief Product and Technology Officer

Why Greenway Telehealth™?

Virtual care has risen to the forefront as a way for providers to treat patients remotely. By providing a secure connection for providers and patients, Greenway Telehealth™ helps practices maintain business continuity, create additional revenue streams, reach new patient populations — and ultimately, improve patient outcomes.

Virtual care is critical

We tailored Greenway Telehealth™ to the needs of providers — to create a seamless experience for them and their patients.

Reaching the community

Planned updates and timely EHR integrations ensure practices can deliver care to their communities while extending access to those who need it most.

A secure solution

Our secure, HIPAA-compliant telehealth solution provides peace of mind to practices offering virtual care.

Experience the advantages of virtual care

With Greenway Telehealth™, your practice will enjoy these benefits:

  • Ability to provide greater access to care during and post-pandemic
  • Extended reach to underserved populations
  • Reduced transportation-related no-shows
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Greater workflow efficiency
  • Increased schedule flexibility
  • Added revenue
  • Increased patient satisfaction


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1 billion

Number of expected virtual care visits in 2020 (compared to an initial projection of 36 million).
— Forrester Research


Percentage of consumers now interested in using telehealth (compared to 11% in 2019).
— McKinsey & Company

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Greenway Telehealth Special Pricing


Special Pricing
For a limited-time, eligible customers can get special pricing of three months free.*

*This limited-time offer ends Dec. 31, 2020. It applies for customers with a minimum of 12 months remaining on their Master Service Agreement (MSA) from the date of contract signature.

Success with virtual care starts with an innovative telehealth solution.