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Intergy updates

Eligibility enhancements

To help front desk staff find key information quickly and ensure greater accuracy, the new Summary Screen gives an all-inclusive look at eligibility details such as Plan Status and Plan Type.

Immunizations improvements

Providers can document the start of a patient’s intolerance or record a potential resolution to the intolerance in the Allergies module. Other Immunizations improvements include the ability for providers to specify age-based, interval, or recurring criteria to each dose within the same vaccine when establishing when they will be due.

Address verification

U.S. Postal Service (USPS) web tools assist office staff with recording valid address information, reducing returned mail due to incorrect addresses.

Noting enhancements

For greater flexibility in note-taking and smoother patient care, providers will be able to copy from Visit Notes when creating a new note in Encounter Note. Also, to prevent loss of patient data, Intergy v12 will allow only one user at a time within each tab of the OB Chart for a patient pregnancy.

CPC+ enhancements

When viewing and working with advance directives, clinical staff can get a more complete view of each patient through the enhanced Care Plan. This feature also will help providers identify gaps in patient care by viewing patients’ upcoming, due, and overdue health reminders.

Support of AUC requirements

Intergy v12 will help your practice support Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) requirements and prevent rejected or denied claims. You can put claims in the Error Log if you’re missing needed AUC data.

SCRIPT 2017071

E-prescribing has been updated to the latest approved standard by CMS, SCRIPT 2017071, which upgrades the format and content of eRx transactions from SCRIPT 10.6 keeping your practice compliant with e-prescribing standards.

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Patient engagement updates

Greenway Patient Portal updates

With Intergy v12, patients can send health data back into Intergy using pre-built e-forms on Patient Portal v4.5.

Direct Scheduling and Real-Time Availability 
With Intergy v12, patients can use Direct Scheduling and Real-Time Availability in Patient Portal to check availability and schedule appointments for themselves online, saving time for office staff.

Provider/Location List improvements 
The Provider/Location List in Patient Portal v4.5 with Intergy v12 will give patients greater insight into provider availability, while allowing your practice to limit what’s visible to patients to better manage providers’ schedules.

Greenway Patient Messaging updates

Recalls and Population Broadcasting 
By using these Patient Messaging Premium features to stay in touch with patients throughout the year, your practice can improve care, communication, and revenue without creating extra work for staff. 

Orders/Labs Messages and Prescription Messages Body 
Lighten your staff’s load by using automated messages for orders, labs, and prescriptions in Patient Messaging Premium with Intergy v12.

CommonWell — now live!

What is the CommonWell Health Alliance?

  • CommonWell Health Alliance, a nonprofit trade association, works to make health data available to individuals and caregivers, no matter where the care occurs. 
  • Your practice will be able to install CommonWell for free to find and transmit health data securely.
  • The CommonWell platform uses a layered security approach to ensure the safety of transferred data. Using the record locator service, you can find data by creating a searchable virtual table of contents.

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Medical revenue cycle management (RCM) services that excel

Back-to-Back #1 Ambulatory RCM Service


Greenway Clearinghouse Services v2.27

Workers’ comp claim attachments services

This feature allows you to attach needed claims documentation to workers’ comp claims in the GCS Portal and submit electronically.

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Export ERA grid view

With this update, your practice will have a new export option for the Client ERA Management grid view within the GCS portal — a top-requested feature by customers!

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