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We understand EHR implementation challenges

Understanding your needs

Our team is here to make sure your practice is getting the most out of your solution. We’ll work with you to establish objectives before moving to the next stage, so that everyone is united in measuring the project’s success. 

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To maximize your investment, we support the staff at our customer sites with exceptional training tools — during implementation and after for as long as they need it. Whether you’re a multi-site or small practice, Greenway has implementation training options to fit your needs.

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Your schedule, not ours

Your time is valuable. That’s why your Greenway solution will be implemented on a schedule that works best for you and that won’t interrupt your practice’s daily work flow.  

Our migration and implementation teams know that continuity of service is one of your top priorities. We’re there with you every step of the way to ensure that there’s no down time between vendors.

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Ensuring your success

Training doesn’t stop when a practice goes live with a Greenway solution. We’ll stay with you to provide exceptional support for as long as you need it through ongoing training that’s easy, comprehensive, and affordable. 

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Lasting relationships

When you partner with Greenway, it’s more than a transactional arrangement. We’re interested in learning about your practice and your employees. We expect to maintain that relationship well past the end of your contract. 

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The overall satisfaction for Greenway Health clients ... a number we're always looking to improve.


Guiding you to success

Our consultants can help you accomplish your value-based program goals to ensure your practice receives the highest reimbursement possible through payment programs that reward quality and value over volume.

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Understanding the landscape

Our consulting group understands industry challenges, has expertise in subjects including government regulations and programs such as MACRA and the MIPS incentive reporting process, and navigates hurdles for our clients.  

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Making the complex simple

Our team eliminates obstacles for clients, making it easier for them to do great work and focus on patient care.

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Expert knowledge

We have staff with deep knowledge in industry-specific areas to help you overcome challenges and realize your system’s full potential.

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Client Success

Understanding your challenges

Our Client Success Advisor (CSAs) are in touch with the daily issues that can affect a practice, and provide guidance to handle challenges that may surface.   

Trusted advisor

We’re here to make sure you’re successful. Our clients know they can rely on us for expert guidance and learning from other clients in similar situations.  

Your Greenway guide

Our CSAs are the frontline resource for our clients, steering them to the right Greenway source to answer questions or resolve issues.  

Proactive partnership

Helping customers overcome challenges is one role our CSAs have. They also proactively reach out to clients with best practices to make sure they’re getting the most out of their solution.


“The trainers are phenomenal. They’re courteous, knowledgeable, patient … they’re straight-across-the-board fantastic.”

Geri Kaiser, practice administrator
Pediatric Associates of Cheshire, Conn.

Learn how we can help your practice thrive with quality training, support, and guidance.