We take care of technology.
You take care of patients.

Greenway Secure Cloud, our fully bundled suite of solutions, frees you from the worry of managing servers and upgrading software so you can focus on providing the best patient care.

Cloud EHR Bundled Pricing

Fully bundled pricing

Introducing cost-effective bundled pricing! No more "nickel and diming" – you will receive all the software Greenway has to offer for one flat price.

Secure Cloud Upgrades

Compliance upgrades

Timely, automated software updates ensure ongoing compliance. No need to worry about keeping up with industry standards – you will always be on the latest version.

Cloud-Based EHR Security

Enhanced security

Gain peace of mind knowing your most valuable data will be protected in a secure data center and benefit from Greenway’s vulnerability management best practices.

"It is a no brainer to switch to Greenway Secure Cloud. It is very expensive to buy a server, and practices do not have the expertise, time, or money to deal with the IT necessary to have a secure system. Most practices do not have insurance and are not prepared to deal with any type of security breach."

Christine Kelly
healthcare IT consultant

"The flexibility and security of Greenway Secure Cloud are the most important aspects. We no longer have to be on constant alert. There is huge peace of mind knowing that our data is secure, and we have flexibility with remote access."

Robin Fagala
Practice Administrator, Conway OBGYN

One price. All solutions included.*

Greenway Secure Cloud clients get everything Greenway has to offer in a cost-effective, per-provider, fully bundled model.

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Cloud-Based Electronic Health Records

Electronic health records

Cloud-based Practice Management

Practice management

Patient Portal and Messaging for the Cloud

Patient portal and messaging

Secure Cloud Telehealth


Cloud practice analytics

Practice analytics

Medical Clearinghouse


E-prescribing and PDMP

E-prescribing and PDMP

Clinical service with lab portal

Clinical service with lab portal

Unlimited VIA training

Unlimited VIA training

Implementation and ongoing support

Implementation and ongoing support


Enjoy these benefits of moving to our cloud-based EHR

Our managed cloud-based EHR solution, Greenway Secure Cloud, provides secure monitoring, automatic updates to the latest versions, and anytime, anywhere access.

Disaster recovery

If you’re concerned about hurricanes, tornadoes, or other disasters, you can rest easy knowing your cloud-based solution provides fault tolerance.


We handle maintenance upkeep, relieving you of hardware costs and reliance on local backups.

Version upgrades

No longer worry about version issues or vulnerabilities associated with them. Stay current on releases of both EHR software and operating systems.

24/7 monitoring

Benefit from real-time monitoring that includes operational and application performance — anytime, anywhere via high-speed internet.

System patching

We perform automatic application and service pack updates without interrupting practice operations. The result is fewer tasks and reduced costs compared with those of an on-premise practice.

Secure servers

Our SAS 70 Level II-audited systems protect you from hackers, spam, malware, and other threats. Our systems are housed in a guarded facility, with N+2 power and cooling infrastructure.

The cost of a data breach is real

Get proactive about protecting your data, your patients’ data, and your peace of mind with Greenway Secure Cloud.

average cost per breached

The average cost per breached record for a healthcare organization in 2021**

days to identify a breach in healthcare

The average number of days to identify a breach in the healthcare industry***

Cloud-based EHR to protect from the unexpected

Medical facilities are just as vulnerable as any structure to natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, wildfires, and tornadoes.

Cloud-based systems are designed to withstand disaster, keeping your practice data safe.

How prepared is your practice to handle unexpected situations?

Managed cloud-based EHR and practice management services

Cloud-based EHR systems: Your questions answered

Q: What is a cloud-based EHR system?

A cloud-based EHR is a health records software system that resides on remote secure servers, or “the cloud,” as opposed to an on-premise facility.

What are benefits of cloud based EHR
Q: Are Intergy and Prime Suite cloud-based EHRs?

A: Yes, both Intergy and Prime Suite are based in the cloud. As cloud-based EHRs, both solutions provide greater scalability, support, and remote access than on-premise solutions. For practices, this translates to cost effectiveness and peace of mind.

What are benefits of cloud based EHR
Q: What are the benefits of a cloud-based EHR?

A: A practice on the cloud can enjoy enhanced security, improved compliance through automatic upgrades, cost-effectiveness, and other benefits. A cloud-based EHR gives practices access to expertise and saves them time, helping them to better focus on patient care.

What are benefits of cloud based EHR
Q: How does the return on investment (ROI) of cloud-based solution compare to on-premise?

A: Cloud-based EHR applications generally deliver a better ROI than their on-premise counterparts due to low startup costs, fast time-to-value, and scalable pricing, among other factors.

What are benefits of cloud based EHR
Q: How do you back up data and protect against viruses?

A: Your practice’s data is replicated to another data center to ensure redundancy. Our policy is to retain the previous 14 backups. And our next-generation antivirus goes beyond lists of known threats — it monitors system activity based on content and context, looks at traffic coming into the network, and monitors operating systems for anything out of the ordinary.

What are benefits of cloud based EHR
Q: What is Greenway’s approach to incident detection and response?

A: Our team tests tools and procedures for our cloud environment routinely. When any kind of threat is detected on any hosted environment, the team can quickly isolate the server. The team knows whom to contact, how to engage law enforcement, and which forensics teams to involve. In addition, Greenway handles contracts with outside entities.

What are benefits of cloud based EHR
What are benefits of cloud based EHR
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Will your practice be ready? If you have Greenway Secure Cloud, you will be automatically upgraded to remain compliant. Learn more about the act. Visit the Academy

Greenway Secure Cloud is a reimagined, cloud-based EHR in one streamlined, all-inclusive package*.

*Greenway Secure Cloud is a bundle of Greenway products and third-party capabilities offered for a single price. This bundle includes the clinical and practice management capabilities of the electronic health record, Greenway Telehealth, Greenway Patient, Direct Messaging, Greenway Clearinghouse Services, Greenway Clinical Service with Lab Portal, Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances, Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, unlimited VIA training, Greenway Practice Analytics, and Professional Services for migration to the Cloud and system optimization. Greenway Secure Cloud does not include services like Greenway Revenue Services.
**IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report 2021
***Breaches Cost US Healthcare Organizations $13bn in 2020, Info Security Magazine