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Investing in your EHR security with Greenway Secure Cloud

When you transition to a cloud-based/hosted solution, Greenway takes over daily security and service responsibilities, eliminating surprises associated with on-premise hardware and software.

Scalable solution

Our cloud-based services grow with your practice needs, minimizing upfront costs.

Remote access

Your data is available for you to securely access anytime, anywhere via internet.


Greenway is your one source for cloud-based solutions and software support.

Our managed cloud-based EHR solution, Greenway Secure Cloud, provides secure monitoring, automatic updates to the latest versions, and anytime, anywhere access.


The average cost per breached record for a healthcare organization in 2020*


The average number of days to identify a breach in the healthcare industry**

Our cloud-based EHR offers your practice these benefits:

Disaster recovery

A cloud-based/hosted solution provides full fault tolerance, enabling nearly 100% availability.


We handle maintenance upkeep, relieving you of hardware costs and reliance on local backups.

Version upgrades

No longer worry about version issues or vulnerabilities associated with them. Stay current on releases of both EHR software and operating systems.

24/7 monitoring

Benefit from real-time monitoring that includes operational and application performance — anytime, anywhere via high-speed internet.

System patching

We perform automatic application and service pack updates without interrupting practice operations. We reduce tasks and costs that on-premise practices would be responsible for.

Secure servers

Our SAS 70 Level II-audited systems protect you from hackers, spam, malware, and other threats. Our systems are housed in a guarded Tier IV facility, with N+2 power and cooling infrastructure.

Endpoint detection and response

We supply threat protection and isolation that provides continuous monitoring and response to advanced threats and security issues.

Next-generation antivirus

We research and install quality antivirus software, and we respond to and neutralize all threats.

"Upgrades have been so much easier on our organization. When having [an] on-premise server, upgrading nearly 100 computers in three locations was very time consuming and had to occur after hours. It has been great not having this with the hosted environment."

Devin Berend
Coeur D’Alene Pediatrics, P.A.

Cloud-based EHR to protect from the unexpected

Medical facilities are just as vulnerable as any structure to natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, wildfires, and tornados.

Cloud-based systems are designed to withstand disaster, keeping your practice data safe.

How prepared is your practice is to handle unexpected situations?

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Cloud-based EHR systems: Your questions answered

Q: How does the ROI of cloud-based/hosted solution compare to on-premise?

A: Cloud-based EHR applications generally deliver a better return on investment. Factors include low startup costs, fast time-to-value, and scalable pricing.

Q: Does Greenway offer software patching?

A: Yes, patching is Greenway’s responsibility in the cloud. We have policies and procedures to ensure that critical, high, medium, and low vulnerabilities are patched on a routine basis.

Q: Does Greenway back up data?

A: Your practice’s data is replicated to another data center to ensure redundancy. Our policy is to retain the previous 14 backups.

Q: Does Greenway offer cloud data encryption?

A: All information sent to or from the data center is encrypted — transformed to prevent access by unauthorized parties.

Q: How do you protect against viruses?

A: Our next-generation antivirus goes beyond lists of known threats. It monitors system activity based on content and context, looks at traffic coming into the network, and monitors operating systems for anything out of the ordinary.

Q: What is Greenway’s approach to incident detection and response?

A: Our team routinely tests tools and procedures for our cloud environment. When any kind of threat is detected on any hosted environment, the team can quickly isolate the server. They know who to contact, how to engage law enforcement, and which forensics teams to involve. Greenway handles contracts with outside entities.

Solutions for the challenges you face

Technology and services that seamlessly span the front office, clinic, and billing office to help you deliver exceptional care and meet business goals.

Move to the cloud for greater security, support, and server maintenance.

*Breaches Cost US Healthcare Organizations $13bn in 2020, Info Security Magazine
**IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report 2020