You are mission critical

Work with mission-oriented individuals who have a passion for developing software-based solutions, designed to improve lives.

Completely integrated into the business

Completely integrated into the fabric of the business as a revenue generating business unit.

More than a back-office environment

We offer end-to-end, development and client-facing roles, using client feedback to create and enhance our solutions.

Supported by Vista Equity Partners

A portfolio company of Vista Equity Partners, one of the world’s largest enterprise software companies.

Top-notch onboarding and continued training

Right away, you will be welcomed by key executives during onboarding, then you will be provided with additional learning and training opportunities throughout employment.

Hear what Greenway India employees are saying:

“This is the best training session in my career.”

"You guys were really good. It's my first job experience, but I never felt left out." 

“I felt really welcomed. I like the tone of the training … Right now I’m just like a sponge and after listening to the practice calls yesterday, I know I’m gonna kill it here.”

Greenway India Training
Pratap Sarker, CEO

“Expanding our operations and workforce globally not only helps us further our mission but ensures Greenway thrives in an environment so our clients can continue providing quality patient care."

Pratap Sarker, CEO, Greenway Health

Be inspired in a colorful and collaborative work environment

Greenway India is situated in the heart of the Bellandur's rapidly growing tech sector, this vibrant coworking space caters to startups and established companies alike.

Our office features:

  • Outdoor Space: From balconies to rooftops, our al fresco spaces offer landscaped environments for coffee, yoga, lunch, or one-on-ones.
  • Wellness room: Whether you’re a nursing mother, need to pray, or looking to meditate, you can rely on this lockable, serene room.
  • Fitness center: If working out helps get the work done, seamlessly context-shift with a gym right in the building or development.
  • Recreational games: Sometimes the only way to be productive is to take a break and let yourself play.
  • Food hall: Onsite dining facility and seasonal menus make lunchtime easy and more interesting.

Take a virtual tour of Greenway India

Greenway India Workspace

Workplace safety is our commitment

Greenway India has held multiple COVID-19 vaccination drives in Bangalore for its employees – an important commitment while vaccines were difficult to find, for our most important resources, our people.

"Thank you Greenway Health for taking utmost care of employees and making sure our workforce is safe and secured all the time. It is great to be part of a wonderful organization with great culture, servant leadership, that shows such great appreciation for its employees.” – Greenway India employee

Greenway India Safety

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