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Transcription services: Dictation efficiency beyond being paperless

Greenway Speech provides an integrated dictation solution that maximizes your electronic health record system — and minimizes frustration.

Advanced speech recognition

Using advanced natural language processing, Greenway Speech adapts to various accents, speech patterns, and mannerisms.  

Customized to your needs

Greenway Speech auto-populates macros based on certain commands, and can adopt new, custom vocabulary, such as abbreviations. 

A flexible, portable transcription services solution for you

Greenway Speech adapts to each unique user, allowing him or her to document from a variety of devices and care settings.

Providers can create reports verbally, edit them, and sign them directly into the EHR.

Freed from distraction thanks to dictation, they can put more focus on patient care.   

Increase point-of-care efficiency

Intelligent recognition feature

While other mobile dictation assistants may not understand voice commands, Greenway Speech has superior speech recognition abilities enabled by natural language understanding. 

  • Build a cloud-based user profile to recognize the user’s voice. 
  • Improve in accuracy over time. 
  • Capture both narrative and encoded information. 

Accurate adaptation to your voice

Greenway Speech supports numerous pronunciation and dictation patterns — and more than 50 specialties. Physician dictation data aggregated on the cloud, combined with advanced machine learning, results in exceptional accuracy.

While other medical transcription services may repeat mistakes, Greenway Speech adapts to your needs and learns. 

With accurate documentation, you save time and money

Previously, high-quality document transcription services during regular business hours could take hours, or days.

Greenway Speech produces accurate documentation in minutes.

The solution yields a significant return on investment over medical transcription services.   

Document quickly and save costs with Greenway Speech.