Stephanie Jamison, Greenway Health
Stephanie Jamison, Director of Regulatory Affairs, Greenway Health

Stephanie Jamison, Regulatory Affairs Director, has been elected to the HIMSS Electronic Health Record Association (EHRA) Executive Committee. 

EHRA’s members — among them leaders in both hospital and ambulatory EHR markets — collaborate to increase adoption of health IT, provide input to policymakers, and improve care quality. 

The EHRA Executive Committee consists of eight members who share best practices with EHRA leadership, connect public officials and member companies, and advocate for the industry. 

During her one-year term, Stephanie intends to apply her experience to influence policy and to gain insight on upcoming regulatory changes and the latest trends. 

“As an association, the EHRA is able to use their collective voice to work with regulators and advocate for public policy initiatives. I’m delighted to have a seat at the table with our industry counterparts as we work together to move forward into the future of health IT,” she said.

Read the full press release from the EHRA